Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas photos, meltdowns, falls, and doctor visits.

Today, we went to have our cousins (on my side of the family) Christmas pictures taken by Crystal Brisco Photography. Oh, my. What a day we had. (The first five photos were taken off her facebook page, and I did not take them. She has been Micah's photographer since birth so I want to make sure she gets all the credit she deserves. If you would like to contact her, go to her website. Let her know we sent you because we'll get some referral credit. We've really enjoyed working with her over this past year!)

First, Ebin didn't really want to have any pictures taken. This is kind of his thing, and we're never really sure what to expect from him. Last year's attempt at cousin photos resulted in no photos as Micah slept and Ebin refused to take them at the portrait studio. It can be frustrating, but I also think that over the years we're going to laugh at the memories from his "lack of cooperation" for the perfect picture. Here's one of the sneak peak with both boys in the same photo.

Ebin didn't want to have a picture taken.

Micah didn't want to lose those stupid fingers in his mouth.

It kind of just makes me laugh. I think everybody has a family photo like this in their album anyway.
Another fun thing that happened today was Micah falling off a bench during the photo session. He is so quick these days, and I turned my head for one second. Bam! He hit the concrete.
I have to say that I've been pretty laid back when he falls. I really think I have been. He falls a whole lot around the house, but this was the first time I wigged out. I mean, I completely lost it. There is something about that awful, awful thwack! sound his head made hitting the concrete that just scared me to death!
So for a big part of the photo shoot, he clung to me as he screamed in pain. I clung to him as I shook from the surprise of this fall. Then I yelled a little bit at my sister and mom for trying to calm me down. I was just in a state of complete shock and horror from the fall. I was a bit emotional. So I do apologize to everyone involved if I acted like a lunatic.
I ended up (probably foolishly in an overreactive way) taking Micah to the doctor's office to have his head and arm examined by the pediatrician right after the photo were done. (Micah caught himself and took a bunch of the fall on his little shoulder.) It just made me feel better to have a doctor tell me, "He's ok." Don't ask me why. It just did. I realize I can't do this for every single bad fall, but at this point he's still little. So I justify it that way.
In the end, it was a memorable day, and my mom was awesome again. She went to the photo session, and then sat with me in a crowded waiting room full of sick children since my hubs was asleep after his long night shift keeping me company.
We returned home to take a looooonnnnng nap while I watched our little man to make sure he was ok. The doctor assured me it was fine for him to sleep as long as it wasn't more than four hours at a time. When he finally awoke from his nap at 3 PM, he had a late lunch.
He also still has this strange rash leftover from his HFMD of last week. It was kind of nice to have the doctor check that out, too. We played around in the afternoon, and I was happy to see this smiling face reassure me that he was just fine despite his tumble.
I'm so not ready for the climbing and running in the days ahead. I thought I was prepared to be the "cool mom" under any kind of pressure. It is obvious that I am not that girl.

However, the Lord reminded me again yesterday about what is important in life. I was also reminded how quickly once brief instant can potentially change your life. Thankfully, my brief instant didn't end up being more than that. An instant. Nothing changed in our world, but man! I'm super thankful for a happy and healthy baby boy today more than I was yesterday.

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