Monday, December 12, 2011

A little of this. A little of that.

Basically, I don't have too much to say in this post. Just wanted to "jot down" a few things that Micah is doing so that I don't forget them. (And of course I needed an excuse to post some cute pictures.) I got a new camera the day before Micah's birthday. It's not quite the camera that my husband has, but it is a lot nicer for me to just snap some every day happenings. Again, the credit of the camera goes to my mom. Thanks, Mom! (She knew mine had broken again, and I was only using my iPhone in quick camera situations.)

I'll start with an update on Micah's Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. He's doing much, much better. I'm pretty sure that I have the happiest baby in all the world since he made it through the weekend rather grumpy free. I'm telling you, this kid is amazing. He was a little whiny and more "upset" than his usual cheery self. He'd walk over and want to cuddle every so often, but other than that...I kept him in footy pjs all weekend. He's now scabby (which I'm thankful for since the virus is going away) and able to mingle with the real world. He never really got fever, but we started "feeding" him Tylenol right after going to the doctor in hopes of keeping fever at bay.
This kid is so super cute, and I just love attempting to take decent photos of him. Most of the time I don't get anything too memorable, but one day I'll be so thankful for these days.

I had several friends say the HFMD might be a blessing. Supposedly you get lots of sores in your mouth, and Micah is a big two finger sucker. (I have a love/hate relationship with those fingers.) Lots of people told me, "Maybe it will hurt too much and he'll quit!"

Nope, as you can see...he suffered through.
His favorite new thing to do right now is point. He points at everything. (In this picture, he was pointing at the camera because he wanted it). Lots of times he is pointing because he wants something. Then other times he seems to point just so you will tell him what the word for that item is. We spend a lot of our night time going around the room letting him point while (I hope) building vocabulary. His current vocabulary consists of Cop Cop, Mama, and Dada. Although I swear I've heard him say a few other things like thank you.

He likes to get an item and hand it to you. Then I say "Thank-you!!" very cheerfully and give it right back to him. At which point, he does it again. Many, many times the sound coming out seems to be a "Thank you" back to me. I'm not positive so I don't want to add that to the vocab roster just yet. My sister also swears he is saying "apple". He says "bye" a whole lot but it doesn't seem to actually be when he's leaving. So I'm not counting that either.

Another new (um...endearing??) skill that I'm noticing is the temper tantrum. I'm not sure if tantrum is the correct word to describe the picture above or not. When is he cognitively aware that he is throwing a tantrum to get his way? Or throw a tantrum when he hears no? I'm starting to think he understands exactly what he is doing based on evidence presented above. In this picture, I told him, "NO, Micah. Do not grab at Mommy's camera."

Well, you see the face that I clicked.

Dr. O (his pediatrician) said at this point in time he knows "No" and understands a change in your voice tone. Dr. O said the by 15 months the tantrums start, and by 18 months full on tantrums are cognitively demonstrated. So what about you? When did your child start to throw his/her attitude around? When did you start punishment? For now, I just raise my voice, tell him no, and distract him with something else. I guess we'll see as time moves on.

I promised not to talk too much, but I did get a couple of his "milestones" down that I want to remember. Hope you have a great week! I've got a few days left and then vacation for two weeks! Yeah for being a teacher this time of year!! =)

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