Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowy day #2.

Oh, you Memphis weather! You tease me so! This morning we woke up to yet another snowy, cold wintery day in Tennessee. This is the second snow this winter season, and I don't remember seeing this much early snow before. Oftentimes the south closes down for snow. That can mean a lot of "free" days off in the winter for teachers. For the second time in a row, the snow didn't really stick to the ground so we didn't get out of school. Drat! I was looking forward to a morning off with my favorite guys, but off to work I headed instead.

Micah's Grandmommy (Mr. C's mom) graciously drove up from Mississippi to watch Micah so I could go to work. She promised to take plenty of snow pictures of Micah that day since he was asleep when I left. I had a field trip--yes, a field trip!--to go on at school, so I had to scoot out early.

To make matters worse this week, my car was broken. My sister picked me up, and off we went to my mom's house. (My mom keeps Ebin and Micah on different days than each other.)

This was the view in my front yard via my iPhone:

Our house in the snow. I love our hill, and it will be great for Micah to sled down one day. Either that or scare me to death as he hurtles to his death down it.

Micah bundled up in snow gear (pics a little out of order, sorry).

This picture was shot in the car as my sister drove us to my mom's house. Don't get mad at me. I wasn't driving, so this was safely taken with my new camera.
Please don't mind the blue sunshield from her windshield. Isn't it pretty? It was like a winter wonderland out there!
Along the road...
Finally, we arrived at my mom's house to drop Ebin off. This is my parents' backyard, and oh how I love these trees. They have gotten so big in all the years my parents lived here!
Guess what our field trip was? We went to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. How fitting is that? Narnia, anyone??
I snapped this picture of Ebin as I was taking pictures. My sister may kill me, but lately he has been "regressing" in a form of jealousness over Micah. He'll put his two fingers in his mouth like Micah and point to things (instead of talking) like Micah. Makes Keren so mad, but I think it is kind of funny.
My house growing up. Soooo pretty in the snow!

Then my mom and Ebin ran me to work while my sister went to her job. (I purposely chose a school to work at that is five minutes from my mom's house so I'd have an easier commute when we had kids.)

I can honestly say I've never seen the school playground covered in snow before! This was the view from my classroom. (I've got a pretty sweet classroom view this year I must say.)

I took this picture while the kids were lining up to get on the buss. This is looking back towards the gym/cafeteria area.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town as I loaded buses to take seven year olds to a play, Mr. C took Micah out to get some proper snow pictures for documentation sake, of course.

Here he is showing Micah the snow. Not sure how Micah felt about the snow.


This was the only picture of them both looking at the camera but Mr. C's eyes were closed. Oh, well. He said Micah is still indifferent about it. He'd rather suck his fingers.
Then I thought this was a good picture, and I hope she won't kill me. This is Micah with his Grandmommy (my MIL). She's not a real fan of internet pics and blogs, but I thought this was too cute not to share.
Afterwards, they brought Micah inside where he played with his new trucks from his birthday. (Please don't mind our hearth. I have covered it with a few blankets in case he falls while he's learning to walk.)
He loves those trucks!
I hope you had a great snow day like we did.

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