Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just another morning.

Today I picked up my camera in an effort to take more pictures of our "day to day" life that will long be forgotten five hundred years from now when somebody picks up this blog book...

Um, yeah right. No one will care about this blog book, but I started thinking what if I had written records and journals from my grandparents? About my parents? Or even further back? I mean think how differently history would be if we could actually read from the perspective of the person living life during the Depression? World War 2? What are people going to think about reading all these blogs in the new millennium. It's our own history according to ourselves!

Deep Thoughts with Mrs. Confident brought to you by Lysol.

Anyway, I don't know who will be reading this book one day, but they might actually care about the history of our little family. So I thought I'd take some pictures to document a bit of the day of a working mom.

Most mornings I wake up, get myself ready, wake Micah up, get Micah ready, load the car with all our junk, and make the trek to my mom's house about 10 miles away. Usually when I arrive my sister is also arriving with Micah's cousin, my nephew, Ebin.

This morning that same thing pretty much happened. I arrived at my mom's around 7:45 AM, and I hung out for a while before heading to work. My sister & I are blessed to have jobs that aren't too far from where our mom lives. That makes my morning commute a lot easier (and also why I left my old school to teach closer to my parents). I can eat breakfast, play with Micah, put together puzzles with Ebin, or just chat with my mom. I don't have to be to work until 8:45 AM, and my school is five minutes away from my mom's house. This particular morning I had some phone calls to make so I did that at straight up 8:00, and I left for work around 8:20.

Ebin was doing his "new" thing of pretending he can't talk, pointing to everything, and sucking his two fingers. He's about to drive my sister batty with this, and I can understand her annoyance because Ebin speaks quick intelligently for a three year old with clear sentences, words, and vocabulary.

I think that is what you call bed head, my friends.
My mom is an absolute jewel (as evidenced by her help in birthday party prep), and many times we bring the boys over in the pjs. Ebin gets dressed to go to "school" (MDO) right after I leave so my mom can go to work. Micah eats his breakfast and drinks his milk. On MDO days, Mr. C picks Micah up not far from my mom's office. On non MDO days, Mr. C picks Micah up from my parents' house.
Ebin likes to enjoy his "oakmilk" every morning, and Micah enjoys some rice cereal mixed with whatever is on hand--yogurt, apple sauce, etc. We are so thankful to have two sets of parents who are willing to help us out with childcare until Mr. C gets off of work!

Mr. C enjoys his day with Micah, and then evening comes and I arrive home. The one trade off I made leaving my old teaching job and taking this job was the start/ending time of school. I used to work at an 8/3 school close to my house. I was home every day by 3:20. I now work for a 9/4 school thirty minutes from my house. I'm home every day by 5. Can I tell you how much I miss my early school hours?? Ugh!

Anyway, tonight I got home, and I enjoyed some time with the hubs & baby who is waaaaaay into remote controls and cars. I mean, he's pretty much already a man's man, right? I fed him his beans, turkey, and fruit while he drank milk for dinner.

I just wanted you to note one thing about our tree.

Do you see it yet?

Look again.


We have no decorations. Does that give you any idea how busy we stay? It's hard when two parents work on different shifts I'll be the first to tell ya. Sometimes I think we are ships passing by in the night.
Anyway, night time is play with Micah time until he starts fussing at 7 pm. That boy is a glutton for his sleep. He must have it, and he must have it now! If you try to keep him up it just gets worse and worse and worse. So he's usually in bed by 7:30 PM. (See exhibit A--pic taken below right before bedtime. And also I was taking away one of the three remotes he had. Do you see that tantrum in the making? Do you see it??? Eye-yi-yi.)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week.

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