Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An active family is a happy family!

In an effort to change our lifestyle, we've gotten out as a family to walk and do fun things like go to the new farmers market in town.

Don't you just want to eat up this deliciousness?

I really love that my husband is on board with healthy eating, and he is my greatest encourager in this process. I'm a horrible eater (its baaaad), but he cooks some really yummy meals which make it somewhat better. This gives me some incentive to eat healthy. Add to that, he's loving my running. So much so, he wanted to start running again, and that's when he fell. As a result, he ended up in the hospital in a cast (briefly) after he hurt his ankle again. Pretty badly, so he can't do anything on it until he's finished with his physical therapy. Bummer!  Instead of running as a family, we've settled for long walks as a family on my days off from training for my 5K.

After all, an active family is a happy family!

This would be my happy place. Well, maybe I'm not completely happy running (if I were honest because it is hard) all the time. However, when I meet up with my running group, this is where we run most times. Nice view, isn't it?

I'm trying (again) to do the photo a day for the month of June, and tonight's photo demonstrates my wonderful husband's abilities in the kitchen. The topic was #onmyplate and here's the result.

Grilled barbeque (homemade sauce) porkchops, baked apples, and green beans.

Yummy! Yummy!

Also, have you seen this guy on tv lately? He's a personal trainer who gained over 70 pounds on purpose in order to lose it again. Then he wrote a book about it! Pretty interesting stuff, haha!

Here's to continuing to trying to be healthy. =)

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