Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Micah's first haircut.

The time has finally come. Micah needed a haircut much to most of my friends' & families' opinions. (They said they loved, loved, loved his curls.) However, after he put Vaseline all over his hair, I just was over it. 

In case you want to catch up, here is post 1 and post 2 on the Vaseline. If anything, he provided some comic relief for us! However, after that battle and many food in his hair battles at dinner time, I was over the hair. So I was ready to whack it off.

Here is our before picture. Look at all that hair! I mean, he has a ton of hair. Honestly, he comes by it naturally from my thick curly hair to his father's full head of hair.

Messy little rat's nest in the back that I was having to blow dry to tame it! 

My friend Stephanie's mom (Mrs. Ginger) cuts hair in her home, and I thought that would be easier than taking him to a salon. Mrs. Ginger loves Micah to death, and we see them at church all the time. So I took Micah to her house for the cut.

He was not too happy about wearing the cape.

Mrs. Ginger cutting Micah's hair for the first time.
(Side note: I have actually trimmed his hair a million and a half times myself. I'm not saying that I did a good job of it, but I couldn't have really gone 18 months with no haircut. It was just finally time to get it in a style.)

 What a face! He was not having this hair cutting business!

In the corner of the picture you'll see Mr. Vito (Mrs. Ginger's husband) coming in to try to get Micah happy and entertained.

What's under that blanket?

I'm going to get your toes, Micah!

After a while, he started to calm down and a new hairstyle was appearing.

I guess I should be sad about his first haircut, but I know it will grow back if I really want it long again.

 Mr. Vito is sooooo funny, Mama!
 I'm glad I don't have the job of cutting squirmy kids' hair!

We let it air dry so I didn't really get an "after" photo, but you can tell a huge difference right away.

Well, Micah. Another milestone has come and gone by so fast!

We love you, big boy!

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