Monday, June 4, 2012

Davies Plantation and Master Gardeners Through Our Garden Gates Tour

This weekend, we spent a lot of family time together. On Friday night, we headed out to Carriage Crossing to shop and eat at The Crepe Maker. We went back and forth about going to Crepe Maker, but after I looked up some nutritional information, I was ok with the choice. It wasn't super healthy, but calorie wise, I could make some good choices (small Tex Mex if you are really curious with a side of enchilada soup). We then headed to Macy's so I could spend a gift card on some shoes. All of my shoes are falling apart lately, so I've spent a big part of the summer replacing a pair every five seconds (it seems). 

On Saturday, Mr. C & I went running as soon as he got off of work. He still has an injured ankle and starts physical therapy this week, but he strolled the baby around the park while I ran.

After our park excursion, I convinced him to go to the Master Gardeners Through Our Garden Gates home tour. It included the oldest home in Shelby County which is located not too far from our home. We drive by Davies Plantation all the time, and we have said for seven years we should visit that house sometime. Well, today was the day to visit the special event! 

I have to say, I was a little disappointed and somewhat in awe at the same time.

Here is the house. It was built in the 1800s, and it is on a beautiful property. However, our price of admission ($10 per person minus baby) did not include entrance into Davies Manor. What a rip off!

I was not about to shell out another $3-4 per person to visit the house, so we settled on the garden tour, grounds tour, and just a family walk around the property.

Micah promptly fell asleep, so that also changed some of our plans a bit. I got to use another function of my new jogging stroller--the seat that lays flat. Micah had a rolling bed, and he truly enjoyed it. =)

My husband & I take pictures so differently. He's always able to capture the subject, and I always get too much of the surroundings.

Daddy & our little sleeping son.

Everybody loves a shot of a sleeping baby, right? 
I couldn't resist.

The garden tours were amazing, and Davies Plantation has a special organic garden where they grow food for Youth Villages and MIFA.  Both of these are great causes, and it is good to know that the 8,000 pounds of produce all go to a good cause. In fact, my first 5K (on June 23) will be across the street from Davies Plantation in support of Youth Villages. 

We toured some of the out buildings (or basically just looked at them).

Old tractor

It was a fun morning, but at some point between the running, the touring of the gardens, the fact that my husband had been up all night working, the sleeping baby, we decided to throw in the towel on the home garden tour.

I was sad about this because I'm a huge HGTV/DIY fan, and I love to be nosey and look at other peoples' houses. However, I knew I needed to understand that my baby was sleepy and my husband was dying for sleep. So I took the boys home, and I called up my mom instead.

After all, I'd paid $20 for this home tour, by golly! Might as well use the tickets! My mom came out, and we continued the home garden tour. I was absolutely shocked and amazed by some of these gardens out in Shelby County.

This lady lives on three acres, and she frequently sees bobcats & deer in her yard.

I loved her tool shed. I want a tool shed that is this cute surrounded by acres of woods. Ok, maybe not, but it was fun to look at.

This was her potting shed just off the drainage pond.

Creativity in these gardens were amazing. Ever thought of using an old bike as a pot??

One of the homes had its own trail through the woods.

Gotta love a water feature in the middle of the woods.

A deck my husband would love to occupy.

This would be really fun to do in our yard. Just a bit of antiquing mixed with some yards sales, and I bet you could find a cheap and odd assortment of watering cans. =)
I am in love with this blue bench. Maybe the color more than the bench, but I love how this family spray painted or painted all these bright blues throughout their backyard.
Don't have the money to keep a water feature clean? How about turning them into potted plants instead?

My other favorite was this outdoor fireplace built by a pergola in the middle of the suburban backyard.

More blue spray paint mixed with some glass plants to add color. Cute!

Anyway, I'd never in my life do anything so extravagant as these people did, but it was fun to look!

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