Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday night at the park.

Tonight we had an impromptu park outing with our friends the Beauchamps. Since Daddy had a very late meeting, he was still asleep. It seemed like too nice a night to stay inside, and Tami's husband was out of off we headed to a local park with the kids.

Micah enjoyed swinging at the swings.

Obviously, I took too many pictures of the kid swinging, huh? 

Then Micah decided to try to climb up and down the slide.

He played with his buddy Beau, and tried to follow him up the rope.

Micah decided to try to go up another slide just as Hannah & Beau were coming down the slide.

So I ended up with this hilarious picture of Hannah, Beau, and Micah piled on top of each other. I tried to get them to slow down and actually pose.

Well, Beau was ready to take off and told me, "No!" This ended up being the most hilarious picture of the night. Hannah laughing, Beau's rear in the air, and Micah ready to get out of there!

After a while, I decided to let Micah climb up to the top and slide down with him.

After playing at the park for a while, we saw a mother duck with her ducklings, so we decided to feed them Sonic hamburgers.

Suddenly, we were surrounded by kids. I have no idea who these kids are, but I was giving them pieces of our Sonic hamburger to feed the ducks, too.

I captured this cute picture of Hannah & Beau watching the ducks swim away.

The kids had a wonderful time watching the ducks.

Tami, baby Beauchamp (in her belly), Beau, and Hannah watching the ducks. 

Micah was chilling with his two fingers in the stroller, of course.

Beau feeding the ducks.

After feeding the ducks, we took the kids for ice cream at Sonic. A great time was had by all! I just love summer nights, don't you?

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