Friday, June 29, 2012

The week of Daycare Leah.

 Instead of doing a lot of posts from June 23rd and on, I've decided to lump them together in one long post full of pictures. I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum, but you have been warned about the pictures. (And I'm using Flickr links, so please PLEASE let me know if you can't see my pictures.)

We went to our friends' house to celebrate the news of their new baby boy! Micah made a mess, so Mr. George (who asked specifically NOT to be on the blog in pictures) washed him off in their sink. I hope having Mr. George's hand in the picture is ok.

Congrats, Mr. George and Mrs. Steph! Micah can't wait to meet his new friend Nicholas in the near future!!!


We decided to brave a nice restaurant after church that Sunday night, so we headed to Macaroni Grill. I still had a gift card from my old principal from when Micah was born. Yes! Nineteen months ago. We are quite the gift card hogs when we want to be.

Micah enjoyed his Italian food, and he also liked coloring with the kid crayons on the table. 

He had chicken parm and loved it!

 Micah demonstrated his love of reading and his odd habit of curling up with a blanket.

 He has to have a blanket around him as he reads, and he always sits in the same corner.

 He makes sure to arrange the blanket "just so" until he is happy and comfortable. I didn't get it on video, but I thought this photo documentation would suffice.

The stages of proper blanket placement and arrangement before book reading can commence according to Micah.

I took a picture of Micah demonstrating his love of yogurt which he still insists on calling "wawa" despite my insistence that it is most definitely not water.

This week was also labeled "the week of Daycare Leah" as I watched two kiddos this week to help out family members and my friends.

Our first friend to come to Daycare Leah was Beau, my friend Tami's son. They have made an appearance on the blog before, and we were happy to have the company for the day! Micah loved having a playmate. While Beau's sis had her surgery, we made sure to entertain him with Micah's toys.

All pictures were taken on my iPhone, so I apologize for the poor quality. 
Playing in Micah's room.

Partners in crime--they are almost exactly a year apart in age.

This is what I found in Micah's crib when I left to go to the bathroom. They dumped out all of Micah's "night-night" diapers.

The boys enjoyed playing in the living room on and off all day long.

While Micah slept, Beau enjoyed a gourmet lunch of deli meat, peaches, cheese, and crackers.

The boys after Micah's nap watching Veggie Tales on Netflix.

Leah Daycare day 2 came later in the week while my mom had an outpatient procedure of her own. She usually watches my nephew Ebin, so I spent the day watching Micah and Ebin instead. 

Bedhead pictures of cousins are the best.

Right after I took these pictures, Ebin reached over to hold Micah's hand. As soon as he saw me, he snatched his hand back. It was so cute for the moment, though!

The boys were watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and they were a bit mesmerized. =)

I'm so thankful for friends that I can help out, and who will help us out. I'm also thankful for so much family around to help us out. 

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