Friday, June 8, 2012

The Battle of the Vaseline and the Memphis Botanic Gardens.

Well, last night after my baby decided to smear Vaseline all over his hair in imitation of his mom's love of hair gel, I scrubbed at him in the tub for thirty minutes using Dawn liquid detergent before he went to bed.

In case you have ever wondered what a baby with Vaseline looks like in their hair the next morning, here you go.

How cute is he? It's hard to stay mad at him. I've laughed a lot.

He's quite the character this one! I can just imagine all the wonderful things he's going to do to keep Mommy & Daddy on their toes over the years! I'm getting gray hair just thinking about it! 

I tried again this morning to fight with the Vaseline, but we had to meet my mom, so I finally gave up.

Today we went to the Memphis Botanic Garden with my mom (Micah's KayKay) and Ebin to visit My Big Backyard. I think the kids had a lot of fun, but it got hot quickly! We didn't stay too long, and I was glad small kids were still free. I spent 45 minutes this morning still trying to get the Vaseline out of Micah's hair to no avail. Don't mind all his greasy wanna be Elvis looks in the pictures.

Micah chilling with his Cheerios & milk for breakfast.

They have flowers in all kinds of things!

Literal flower "beds"

Watching the duck at the pond (who I think wanted some food).

Micah was still enjoying his breakfast. That's how we roll when we spend forty five minutes scrubbing at Vaseline.

Mommy & Micah
(Daddy was still at work. Typically he gets off around 8 am, but today they had a lunch meeting he had to stay for.)

Finally, I let Micah get out of the stroller to explore for a while. He loved this xylophone exhibit, but it seemed to be a little worse for the wear and missing pieces.

There was a small screen door leading to a house, and Micah is really into "does" lately, so he spent a lot of time opening and shutting the "doe" while his cousin ran around. I tried to get a good photo of him, but it didn't really happen.

He would tell me, "Bye!" as he shut the door.

There was a fake chicken coup, so the boys had fun taking the chicken in and out. Again, I couldn't ever get a picture of Micah looking at me. He is so fast these days!

As you can see, he went back to the screen door again. I think he could have lived there.
Here is the grease mess of hair he modeled all day long.
I wanted to tape a sign to his forehead that said, "Yes, my mom did wash my hair ten times. I just smeared Vaseline in it, and she can't get it out."

Then, there is this huge stroller friendly ramp that leads up to an awesome playhouse!! I loved the walkability of it, but Micah was still a little young to play on the playground.

Walking back down the ramp after letting Ebin play inside the tree house.

After going to play at My Big Backyard, we took the kids over to the Japanese gardens where they could feed and watch the huge fish.

Micah just stared and stared at the fish. He was so chilled out this morning, and he barely said a word to anybody. He just likes to take things in, I guess.

Ebin enjoying his Capri Sun while watching the fish.

Micah chowing down on his Cheerios still.

KayKay and the boys.

The infamous red bridge in the Japanese Gardens.

Swarms of fish trying to eat the food!

An attempt to get a picture of KayKay with the boys.

It didn't really work out that well. 

Another classic of Mommy behind the stroller where Micah won't look when you want him, too.

Ebin had fun hanging off the bridge and counting all the turtles he saw in the pond.

The wedding chapel which is probably one of my favorite parts of the botanic gardens.

Finally, we start heading back in because it was getting pretty hot!

I then came home to fight some battles with getting Micah to sleep (he fell asleep on the way home which ruined most of his nap). I also took on the Battle of Vaseline once again after consulting Dr. Twitter. My friend Summer said to try putting baby powder in his hair, so I did.

I'll have some milk with my white hair, Mommy.  It matches!

As you can see, the baby powder got absolutely everywhere!

It's a lot of fun to walk around with baby powder in your hair for forty five minutes!

Believe it or not, after fifteen shampoos with Dawn detergent, an olive oil shampoo, and finally some baby powder followed by some more Dawn shampoos...the Vaseline is almost gone now!

Thank goodness. We have family pictures on Sunday. I was starting to freak out just a little bit. =)

Thank goodness for Dr. Google, Dr. Twitter, and Dr. Facebook. What in the world did we do without them? Haha! Have a great weekend!

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