Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family pictures 2012.

We had some family photos taken a couple of weeks ago, and the CD came in the mail with all the pictures just this last weekend. As always, the wonderful Crystal Brisco took our family photos, and I was extremely pleased. They were taken at an old, abandoned barn, and these were the photos with my whole entire side of the family. Enjoy!

Me, Mr. C, and Micah (pre haircut--click here for the post with his first haircut!)

Our family 2012:
Jason, Ebin, Keren, KayKay (my mom), Papa (my dad behind my brother), Dale (my brother with special needs), me, Mr. C. holding Micah

My sister's family--Jason, Keren, Ebin

Me, my mom, and my sister. I think it is obvious who I favor in this picture.

Getting a picture of Micah alone or cooperating proved difficult this time since he just wanted to run. I think this turned out pretty cute!  

Our family again.

Keren's fam again. They had some wonderful photos, and Ebin was so cooperative this time!

Me, my brother Dale, and Keren

The men of our family (which obviously outnumber us substantially!)

Sweet cousins in the original Radio Flyer wagon of my childhood.

Micah's crazy curly headed long locks.

A small glimpse into our future? Little buddies.

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  1. Beautiful family photos outside! The one of you with your mom and sisters is terrific. I also like the one with Dale holding the chalkboard. Cool idea.