Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3. #FEBphotoaday

Day 3 of the February Photo of the Day Challenge.
Today's inspiration was Hands.

I started the day out with a photo I thought I'd use (the last picture of this post), but tonight Micah decided he wanted some independence with his meal.

He's grabbed his spoon before, but tonight was the first time he did pretty well aiming at his mouth. So I thought the title "Hands" was fitting since he was using his hands to self feed. Then I captured this photo.

His smile says it all.
This was the one that had to be my photo for today.

But just for fun, we also captured a few more.

The other version of today's photo came in the form of a sleepy toddler on the way to his grandma's house before I went to work this morning. His hands are his comfort.

So what did you capture today?
Join in the fun! I missed the first day, but I have to say this has been a neat challenge.

Happy weekend!!

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