Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iPhone photo dump.

What a week so far! I mean, whirlwind just describes our life right now. We're in the middle of a major life change that involves Mr. C going to work all night long on different nights, training for his new job (so he is working 12 hour shifts instead of just 8), helping his old boss with old responsibilities while he hires someone to take his place, adjusting to life as a "single" mom at night while he is a "single" dad during the day. I am SUPER thankful for his new job, but I will say our family is a bit in turmoil as we are trying to readjust to accomodate Micah, the job, and my job.

I had my "pop in" or drop in evaluation at work recently. Our state has set up a new evaluation system which scores teachers on the basis of a 1-5 scale (five being the highest). Teachers with tenure have four evaluations a year (which is now been placed into two parts) including a "planned" lesson and an "unplanned lesson" where you are surprised.

She left a happy note on my desk, and I got my scores back. I was pleased!

I have spent a lot of time doing this. What is this? This would be Micah's hand, my hand, and a book. He loves to sit in my lap at night after he brings me book after book. He's in love with this one plane book, Mama Llama, and an Easter book. Love spending some time snuggling with my little fellow!
Micah and I are getting used to our new evenings together. Daddy is now going to bed as soon as I walk in the door (or thirty minutes afterwards so we have some time to talk.) Micah and I sit down to eat dinner together, have bath time, sing, read books, and enjoy precious time together. We miss Daddy a whole lot, though! Eventually, we'll adjust. At least he is still in the same city as we are.

Many other nights Micah comes into the kitchen with me as I clean up and do dishes. He likes to "cook" or stir his fake pot with various wooden spoons as he sits in the floor.

I love watching him learn and grow into this little person!

My birthday was also this week (not gonna tell ya the day because I am a little afraid of "identity" theft), and my class has been awesome to me! They brought me all kinds of flowers, gift cards, goodies, chocolates, stuffed animals, sweet cards, and drawings. It is so nice to feel loved! To celebrate my "birthday week" I even have different parents bringing me lunch to school each day!! How nice is that?? Monday was Newks, Tuesday was Huey's, today was Bogie's, tomorrow is Chick-fil-a, and Friday is McAlister's Deli.

Yes, I know I'm spoiled.

Yes, the other second grade teachers hate me. =)

For my birthday dinner, Mr. C & Micah met up with me one day after school at my favorite Mexican restaurant for "bacon tacos." This Mexican restaurant has some rib eye steak mixed with bacon and put in a tortilla. I'm not sure the real name, but we call it "bacon tacos". It is my favorite meal so it was fitting for a birthday celebration.

Mr. C gave me my gift (an iTunes gift card!!) for the first time in two years. This may be sad, but we have barely bought the other one gifts in the past two years. The year I was pregnant, we made a savings goal so that I could stay off from work for as long as possible. We decided to forgo any gifts so that we could save for when the baby came. Then when Micah was born, we decided to "skip" the gifts to keep our budget in check so I could stay off the entire school year. Honestly, that was the best present either one of us could have been given! I would never take that almost nine months of family time back.

Here is Micah & Mommy on the birthday at Rio Azul.
Valentine's Day was pretty low key, I have to say. This new schedule is absolutely kicking our butts adjustment wise. His days are all off, and his sleeping is all off. I know Mr. C's body clock will soon align, but for now it is hard. Micah stays with him during the day, and that worked with his other schedule. I'm not sure how next fall is going to go, but for now we are just all trying to adjust. My main adjustment is not getting to see my husband because he's sleeping. =/

On Monday night, I decided to surprise Mr. C with his Valentine's Day gift before he headed to work. He actually worked a double shift that day trying to help his old boss out. Needless to say, this transition has him exhausted! At any rate, I thought there could be NO better present than something for his love of coffee. Especially since he needs coffee to stay up all night long now. So I got him a Keurig machine, and he absolutely loves it.

At any rate, there is a small update with what we have been up to this past week or so. I fell off the #febphotoaday band wagon. Mainly because of all the change we're undergoing in our family. Maybe I'll pick back up with it, and maybe not.

Hope you are doing well!

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