Sunday, February 12, 2012

My birthday.

We celebrated my birthday with my family the weekend before it arrived. We celebrated my birthday with Mr. C's family the weekend after it. I honestly hate birthdays because it just reminds me of how old I'm getting so fast! The years are flying by, and I swear I still feel like I should be 19 in college at Union instead of the age I am currently. (A lady never reveals her age or weight. A rule I love to live by.)

I also (for the record) hate every single picture that was taken of me. I'm awfully picky of pictures of myself, and I won't post that many. However, the angle on me showed my biggest flaw--a double chin. Ugh! I have never had an actual chin my entire life, and if I laugh or sit a certain way, I get this lovely look...

As you can see, Micah wanted the candle.


Somebody was a little impatient to get to Mama's cake. (Don't worry. I wouldn't give him any of it. I'm not wanting to start him on sweets just yet.)
Cousin Ebin & Uncle Jason look on.
Our little family.
Time to open presents! I got a lot of little things from my mom like a shirt, ornaments, a Jesus Lives book by Sarah Young (sequel to Jesus Calling devotional that I already own), Bath & Body Works soaps and lotions.
My sister gave me an iTunes gift card to go along with my new iPhone from the Christmas season. My husband gave me an iTunes gift card, too.
I'm ready to load up on some tunes. Just not sure what to buy but Adele is definitely on my list!
All the family at some point discussing Radical by David Platt, which I have still yet to read. Got to get on that!

Somebody was finally ready to run around and play while Mommy finished opening up her gifts!
And one final shot of the other cousin.

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