Monday, February 20, 2012

Who knew brooms were so interesting?

Micah is now notorious for wanting to be wherever you are. He likes to follow Daddy & I all over the house, and he gets frustrated if you close the baby gate leaving him behind. Most of the time, we don't mind him following us everywhere. Except for the bathroom. Sometimes I'd like to get to go to the bathroom alone. However, with our schedules (and an older home which is not "open concept"), he basically has to be by your side anyway. Otherwise, he's attempting to eat dog food. (Um, yes. He did that this weekend at my friend's house. Oh my! That was quite the story right there.)

Anyway, I used to clean with him, but now that is getting almost impossible. If I load the dishwasher, he will try to climb inside it. If I am doing laundry, he's banging on the washing machine. (That isn't too distracting, really.) If' I'm folding clothes, he is unfolding everything I just folded. You know how that goes if you are a mom, I'm sure. Toys are just an unnecessary expense because he sure can entertain himself well enough with Tupperware, dvd cases, and socks. Well, we can add another thing to the list of what he wants to do while I'm cleaning. I attempted to sweep up the kitchen, but suddenly he just had to have the broom. I took some much better pics on the "real" camera that I'll add to this post later, but for now iPhone pictures will have to do! =)

Obviously, he's just able to push it around without much cleaning getting accomplished, but it made me laugh. Apparently I need to buy him a little broom now that he can use while I'm trying to sweep? Scratch that, I'll probably just give him the old broom out of the garage while I use the kitchen broom.
And yes, he was running around in a diaper and t-shirt because that is how we roll at Casa Confident. He's not a big fan of having his diaper changed, so sometimes it is just easier to let him run right after I've changed him! He is definitely Mr. Independent!

Happy Monday!

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