Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, Sunday.

Sunday has started to become our weekly family picture day. Usually we are dressed up nicely, and it seems fitting to get pictures before heading out to church. I have yet to plan in advance enough to set up the tripod. At some point, I will actually do that so we can have some full family Sunday pictures. Our Sunday was just as bit as busy as our Saturday this weekend!

I love this picture of Micah waving! Me? Well, I've had better hair days, but I'd been up baking since six am for Sunday school. That's my excuse.
Mr. C usually does a great job of taking pictures within one or two takes. As a trained former commercial photographer, I'd say he has the advantage over me.

When I take pictures things tend to not go so well. The wind blows Micah's hair every which kind of way making his eyes hard to see...
Micah decides to try to escape from Daddy's clutches while grabbing a button...
Micah plans his escape while his frustrated father wonders when I'll ever get the picture taken...
Then finally! We have semi-success with a son looking in the vacinity of the camera and his daddy smiling back at me.
After church, we came back home to eat leftover Sakura from Jackson. I continued my day of baking. I'm not sure how, but I signed up to take breakfast (for 40 people) the same day I signed up to take sweets for MOPS.

Here's my handsome little man showing off his outfit. His sweater vests kill me. And they remind me of Friends comments about Chandler wearing sweater vests which is why I continue to dress him in sweater vests. It makes me laugh at the cuteness.
Micah and I took long naps, and then I woke up to bake brownies for MOPS. Micah woke up to eat lunch at 3 PM! He fell asleep on the way home from church, and that is how long he slept! Right through lunch.

Here he is showing off his dishwasher button messing pusher skills! We figured out how to lock the buttons pronto this weekend!
I spent Sunday afternoon at my MOPS meeting--have I told you how I love the girls at my church? We had a going away party for one of our friends who is moving to Florida mixed with a financial planner who came to speak to us.
After listening to the speaker and talking to him for a while after the meeting, Mr. C and I are thinking about holding off on selling this house for a while. It's not a big house by any stretch of the imagination and sometimes I feel like we are suffocating, but the market is really, really bad. We're probably better to sit on it for a little while, but who knows what decision we'll make for the future? I'm so confused about the house thing. That's another blog post for another day.
At any rate, you can see we had a busy, but super fun weekend. How was your weekend?

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