Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our weekend.

Every week, I'm trying to take a picture of our family before we head off to church since it seems like a great way to document Micah growing. Plus, we're all nicely dressed. Might as well take advantage of it!

This weekend was really, really busy. It was kind of an unexpected busy, but I enjoyed it anyway. On Friday night, I went out for our monthly MOPS Mom's Night Out. This month presented a challenge since Mr. C's job change. I ended up taking Micah out to my parents' house. They graciously watched him, and I'm so thankful that I don't have childcare issues.

I enjoyed a fun evening with dinner at Osaka's followed by the movie The Vow. I wasn't too impressed with The Vow honestly, although I was reminded of how much I love to go to dinner and a late movie. I invited a girl from my work, and it was fun getting to see her outside of our typical school setting. I was so tired from my late evening out, and the baby was sound asleep at my mom's house. I ended up spending the night Friday night to avoid waking the baby and driving across town at midnight.


Saturday, I woke up at my mom's. Micah & I ate breakfast with KayKay, and then we headed out to run a bunch of boring errands. I feel like there is never enough time to get everything on my list done, but we tried to cut our list a little bit shorter. Micah fell out at home and took a three hour nap that afternoon. Afterwards, we headed to a friend's house to help support her new family business.
Saturday night was spent at home enjoying a quiet dinner off the grill ala Mr. Confident. He's such an amazing chef!!
Sunday was an equally busy day. We woke up, got ready, went to church, and Sunday school. After Sunday school, we headed to Mississippi to celebrate my birthday with the Confident side of the family. We didn't take our camera, and apparently they all forgot theirs. So we have no pictures of my birthday on that side, but that is ok!
Late Sunday evening we headed back to Memphis to wrap up our weekend. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow, to bed we went.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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