Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4. #febphotoaday

Today's photo of the day subject matter was Stranger.

Um, I had a hard time with this one. I was trying to think outside of the box all day long for my shot. It was hard to not literally think of walking up to take a picture of a stranger.

My initial idea was to take a picture of the Little Caesar's pizza guy standing on the corning with his sign dancing at the stop light. Then tonight, I watched my son playing with my friend's son. We hadn't seen them in a month or longer, and I had this thought, "Children will play with any other child. They never meet a stranger."

Just like that, I knew I'd found my shot. Even though technically Beau is not a stranger to Micah, it's been a month since either had seen the other. To a one year old that's an eternity or just another "stranger" to play with. I wish we could all keep life as simple as children do, don't you? Children remind me all the time of how God sees life. Literally, a child never meets a stranger.
Happy Saturday!

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