Thursday, June 9, 2011

Early morning walk.

This morning I awoke rather apprehensively since this has been a long, rough week with Micah. I know there are moms out there who have children that don't sleep. I know there are moms out there who have children that are fussy and uncooperative. I'm telling you, my hat's off to you! I know that Micah will grow and change as he becomes a toddler. His personality could be altered from what I know now. However, right now I have the happiest child in the world. So to go from happy to unhappy for several days has been a challenge to my patience as a Mommy. He basically found the "hard" switch, and I am very ready to go back to the "easy" switch! Thank the Lord I have (most of the time) a usually happy baby. We'll see how the rest of the day goes, but to start it off we went on a walk early this morning before it got to hot.

This post is also to feature the super cute stroller given to me by my best friend Sara, aka Aunt SaySay. I'm just kidding. I don't know what Micah will call her, but it will need to be something a little more personal than just Ms. Sara. Anyway, we have just started using this stroller since he can finally hold himself more steady. It was so nice to get out while it was reasonably cool and just walk. I also learned something this morning. There are a lot of senior citizens living in my neighborhood! I guess I never see them because I'm not usually walking around at 6:45 AM. And my! They are chatty when you have a baby which was actually nice.

Again, I played around with Picnik on some of these photos. That photo editing is kind of addictive, huh? I did somehow unknowingly get some "sun flare" in the photos. That, I assure you, was not on purpose. I took them with my camera on my Android phone. The quality isn't that great, but the sun flare was really neat! So Sara, this post is the ultimate thank you note to you (ahem, since I haven't sent you a thank you note yet--whoops) of Micah in his stroller on a walk.

Obviously, I edited this photo.
And I did some editing to this photo (which is where the above photo came from).
He's just chilling with his toys--a fave past time of the little guy.
Unedited, just some fun flare in the background.

I did not edit this photo except to add the rounded edges, but I love the sun flare. Make it look like Heaven is opening down upon him. :)

Here's hoping to the rest of the day being delightful instead of frightful!

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