Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Micah & the doggies.

As you can see, on Tuesday we had a busy day of WOM (Women on Mission) at church followed by some clapping & playing with our doggies (Copper & Snickers). This is my very first time trying to upload a video to Flickr. I copy/pasted the HTML link from Flickr into my blog, and I'm hoping (::crosses fingers::) that it will work when I publish this post. These are not the most wonderful videos in the world, but I want to start including a few moments on the blog.

Micah has become obsessed with watching the dogs, but he is still a little tipsy when he gets really excited. He'll start clapping, looking around, moving those arms, and he doesn't concentrate on balancing. Then he falls over and hits his little head. That's why this picture isn't full on on his smiling at the dogs. I was home alone, and I still stand beside him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. Our dogs are extremely well trained to stay in our kitchen, and I had some problems getting the dogs to actually disobey, come into the living room, and see Micah.

Obviously, he loves his doggies by his side profile pic. I guess we'll see if the videos work.

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  1. I really like the profile picture. Copper and Snickers might stay in the kitchen, but they are not so mellow!