Monday, June 6, 2011

Micah's six month check up.

Micah's six month check up was today with our fabulous physician, Dr. O. It's hard to believe that Micah used to look like this...
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And now he looks like this. Where has the time gone?
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Well, Micah is officially six months old, and our post is a little late since his doctor's appointment was a week late due to Dr. O's vacation over his six month birthday. I still can't believe that this weekend I will have a six and a half month old. Seriously?

He is growing up to be such a cutie! Oh my goodness. I could just eat him up. How cute is he looking at himself in the mirror? And sitting up? We're so proud of you, Micah!

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His daddy had a conference call at work today, so he wasn't able to be at the checkup with us. I was on my own to take the pictures, gather all the information, and ask all the questions to Dr. O. Micah has had some weight gain issues over the last two months. We've gone to the doctor a whole lot having him weighed and reweighed. The major cause for concern came when he dropped from the 95% (at birth) down to below the 10% at his four month check up. Needless to say, we have tweaked his diet a whole lot adding formula to nursing to rice cereal. Finally a balance was found. We got a great report! He weighs 16 pounds even, and he is now in the 25%. The doctor was happy with his progress, and thankfully I can breathe a little easier.

(I've been about to go insane trying to figure out how much milk he was getting from nursing. Then I was keeping a tally of how much additional formula to supplement. After that, I had a goal of an amount of tablespoons he'd receive of rice cereal a day. It'll be nice to just let him EAT for a while.)

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Height: 26 inches (30%)
Head circumference: 46 cm (50%)

He is meeting all his milestones so far. Micah, you are able to sit up assisted. Pretty soon you'll be on your own without toppling over. You are eating three meals a day! It is hard to believe, but you actually like your veggies! Since your Mommy is not a fan of veggies, I have been so glad you've taken to them. We have also introduced some fruit, and you do not like peaches. The big food event this week was adding chicken to your diet. So you are officially on grains, fruits, veggies, and meat!
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Naptime is still give and take. Some days you like to sleep for hours and hours. Other days, we are lucky to get two separate one hour naps out of you. We still thank our lucky stars that you are sleeping most nights through the night. Every now and again we'll hear you talking on the baby monitor during the middle of the night, but other than are happy to sleep the night away.

The big plan was to take pictures of you in your little six month old sticker today. You have not been happy, so I hope to try for that tomorrow. When I do, I'll add those pictures to this post.

PS All photos I played around with in Picnik. What do you think? Like? Over the top? Go back to normal photos?

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