Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dinner with friends.

On Saturday night we met up with our close friends The Beauchamps for dinner at their house. Mr. C met Lenny sometime before I was even in the picture at a great church after Mr. C moved up here after college. They were in the same discipleship group for a couple of years. Move forward a couple more years to their time in a singles' group at the same awesome church. That summer the boys would meet the most awesome things to enter their lives. Yup, that'd be me & Tami. Oh, yeah. They (the Beauchamps) got engaged right around the same time we (the Confidents) did, and we were married a month apart back in 2004. As time has marched on (almost seven years of marriage for both couples this summer--wow!), children have been born, moves have happened, promotions have happened, masters' degrees have been earned, and life has just quickly changed from those days of just the four of us watching movies on Friday nights. It's fun to watch friendships change and grow as live changes, too.

We drove out to the "country" to see them (they used to be our neighbors), and Lenny made burgers while C made fries. We fed our gaggle of children (ok, there are only three among the four of us at this point, but I imagine one day we'll have a gaggle between all of us), talked, and in true style...watched a movie. (That is what we always do. I rarely remember doing anything else other than dinner and a movie.) Of course, children are the focus of our world now. Therefore, I took pics of the kids and not the adults. Whoops.

At least is Beau somehow ends up Micah's best friend one day I can say, "I took pictures of you as babies." I took lots of pictures. These were the only good ones. And you'll see that "good" is in the eye of the beholder.

Hannah & Micah
(This was the best picture by far of all of them.)
Then I started to attempt taking pics of all three of them looking the same way.
Beau was way more interested in Micah's toy.
Micah is watching Beau.
Hannah was obsessed with petting Micah's head.
Beau's looking at me finally.
Micah's looking at me while sucking those silly fingers.
I don't know where Hannah is looking, but she's still patting away at his head.
PS Micah can sit up on his own, but the Bumbo just ensured that no little Beauchamp accidentally knocked him over. :)
Hannah is quite proud of herself. I think she looks a lot like her mom in this picture.
Micah is wondering when Hannah will take her hand off his head.
Beau's super protective of the sippy cup.
The three kids playing happily together.
Beau & Micah playing together.

We love you, Beauchamps! It was a great evening with our kiddos! Hopefully, we'll do it again sooner rather than later.

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