Thursday, June 2, 2011

Micah sits up.

Micah has been trying to sit up for a while, but this week he has finally done it without some assistance. I never really thought I'd be one of those paranoid moms, but I am slightly. So we're using the Boppy behind him a lot just to give him a cushion if he falls. Still, he's getting the hang of it. He could do it on his own if I let him. I knew I needed to blog about it before I forgot. So I took some pictures for the record.

Look at what a big boy I am, Mommy!
Whoopsie! See, he is doing this a whole lot. I guess I'm not too paranoid because I stopped to take a picture of him toppled over instead of assisting him.
We also finally dropped his Pack-n-Play down to the lowest level. Sniff. Sniff. We don't need the height of the bassinet anymore. He needed some more room to play with his toys, and so down it came this week. Can't believe it!

And as every good teacher's son would...we're introducing him to those ABC's. :)
Just chilling in my playpen. I like sitting up, Mommy!
An external view of the fun in there.
And of course, the mid finger view we see constantly.

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