Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You thought waking up was hard to do? Nope. Clapping is.

Waking up is super easy. I mean, I can wake up at the same time every single day without fail. You know what's really a challenge for me? That'd be clapping. I mean while you are at work all day long, I'm practicing my technique.

First, I have to concentrate really hard and look at where my hands are going.
Then, I try to bring them together, but I can't seem to get them in the right place.
So I try a new plan of staring at Mommy as she demonstrates the proper clapping technique.
Finally, I have success! I clap for myself & and I'm so proud that I smile big for the camera.
See? That's all in a day's work for me. My life is harder than yours, I promise you.

1 comment:

  1. Aww how sweet! How old is your little one? I have a soon to be 6mth old baby boy who is amazing me everyday with his new achievements...Cute pics too, don't you just love slobbery baby fingers :) Hi btw, I just realised you were following me and I wasn't following back (I am now!) Looking forward to catching up on your blog :) x