Saturday, June 11, 2011

Updated blog look! Come out of your reader and see! (And photo credits).

I have finished the new header for our blog all by myself! Thanks to some fun comments from my friend Bek (of Good Enough) about using the collage feature and much wasted time spent playing around in Picnik & Flickr! I also read some tips online so it was time consuming, but now that it is self taught it should go quicker next time. Which is the nice part of this whole thing.

Just a little photo credit on the header. I did not take this picture, and I would never want to pass something like this off on my own. We have wonderful friends & photographers who should get everything they are due in the talent department.

The family pictures (in the middle and the right side) were taken by Crystal Brisco of Crystal Brisco Photography and Twice as Chic Wedding Photography. She is wonderful to work with, delivers speedy turnaround (impressively fast, actually), and talented! We've used her for all Micah's first year pictures.

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