Thursday, June 23, 2011

Micah's six month photos.

On Wednesday (of last week) my car died in my parents' driveway. That was super fun! Let me tell you that I am itching for a new car. I won't lie. I am. I drive a 1999 Honda Accord Coupe. (Read with me: two doors.) It is driving me insane having two doors, and my car is old. I bought it when I was 22. That's ten years ago.

(Wow. I am really getting old. It is a sad and happy thing to grow up.)

At any rate, my car has been paid for for six years. My husband's car is also paid for. He drives a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport. (Read with me: two doors.) HOW did that happen? So we both have two door vehicles, but we just haven't broken down enough to want to buy another car when these two work with occasional breakdowns. They are 12 + year old cars.

At any rate, it took a couple of days to figure out what was wrong and what to do. On Thursday morning (of last week), we had Micah's six month photos taken by Crystal Brisco. Love her! She's awesome, and if you need a Memphis area photographer I'd say check her out. (Just let her know I sent you so I can get the referral!)

Here is the direct link to his sneak peeks on her blog. I now have the images on CD so I thought I'd share. I picked out several that were my faves and some that didn't appear on her website.

The train outfit was made by my talented mother. And yes, we did revolve the photoshoot around the outfit. You'll see.



One of my faves.

I love how big his eyes look in black and white photography.

This was my absolute fave.
Love his eyes.
Ok, this is the train track picture we got which turned out great!
This is what I wish we'd gotten (train in background with his outfit to match), but the sun didn't really allow Micah to cooperate and look at us. How cute this picture is because he is smiling. Just wish he'd gotten those eyes open! Oh, well.
Happy baby!

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  1. So funny that my favorite was the same as yours!