Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sewing, cousins, and dinner with friends.

Today turned out to be a really awesome day! Micah was back to his happy, peppy, spunky self after three long days of general unhappiness. It is really hard to not know what is wrong with the little guy. You really just want to fix it!

At any rate, we spent the day sewing at my mom's house, playing with Micah's cousin Ebin, and then we had dinner with our friends April & Finn. I met April at our church through some mom activities, and her son Finn is about two weeks older than Micah. It was such a fabulous day! Now that Micah is sitting up, Ebin is really able to get around him without me feeling like he's going to squash my tiny child. I think it will be really fun to watch the cousins grow up together. On with the pictures! Which yes, I used Picnik again. I'm addicted. Make me stop. My husband (I knew it!!) told me some of them look way too bright, way overexposed, and generally just bad. Oh, well. I might have to go back to normal photos without editing. I don't know what I'm doing but I think it is kind of fun to explore/play.








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