Thursday, June 23, 2011

miPhone post.

So I've seen a couple of my friends do this thing called a miPhone post where they basically share "substandard" pictures from their week that came as they used their iPhones.

(I am not special enough to have an iPhone.)

(I have an Android phone instead.)

(Somehow MyAndroidFakeiPhone Post didn't seem like a good title.)

(FauxFoneFotos was my backup name. I nixed that idea, too.)

(I'm having fun with parentheses. Can't you tell? Ms. J? Ellen? What do you think?)

Anyway, I do take a lot of phone pics, and sometimes they turn out cute. Sometimes they turn out not so cute. At any rate, they have documented some of our week so I thought I'd use them in more bloggy posts. Plus it is a lot easier to post from my phone sometimes than from the computer.

We've had some Mexican at our fave place. I needed some bacon tacos again.

(Poor Micah will soon find out he should have been born Hispanic or Asian by his mother's food choices.)

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Micah basically has decided to self wean. I'm not really super excited or super sad about it. I have just noticed my milk doesn't always seem sufficient. I guess we're heading more towards formula, and I'm ok with that. I'm going to keep nursing him in the morning, a couple times a day, and at night. However, we are officially moving into weaning stage to get ready for my return to work in August.

Yesterday he nursed & ate a great breakfast. He was still screaming. I got out his sippy cup from the dishwasher, and he goes nuts. I give it to him with formula...downs 8oz in (seemed like) 60 seconds. So it begins. He does a good job, though!

He's already discovering my cell phone, the home phone, and the remote controls. I try to distract him with the play cell phone.

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Why does technology grab them so early these days?

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He's just super excited about his own FauxFone.

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I enjoyed a very lovely view from my kitchen window as I did dishes after church last night.

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Yup, I have some awesome sunset views from our backyard.

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It's one of my fave parts of this house.

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Then Two Fingers demonstrated this morning again how they rule the roost at Casa Confident.

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Even when he is eating, Micah wants to put those stupid (sorry but during meal times that is how I feel) fingers in his mouth between bites.

It can be annoying but also amusing.

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And Somebody Who Shall Remain Nameless is finally rolling more around the room. He can do it, but he often chooses NOT to do it.

I'm afraid we may have a stubborn streak on our hands.
(He will get it honestly on both sides, if so.)

Somebody won't stay on his tummy at all. Somebody always wants to be sitting or on his back. We "go at it" several times a day as I try to force more tummy time.

It's only met with him rolling onto his back as if to say, "Mom, I know how to not be on my tummy now, silly."

At any rate, he rolled around the room some more today.
Maybe he will finally see what can be gained from mobility?

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There ya go.
Our week in FauxFoneFotos.

Until I noticed mid publish post button that somebody had my shoe from the previous picture I wrote about his mobility. He was turned a complete different direction trying to eat my shoe.

Speak of the devil.

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And yes. I promptly took a picture of him with the shoe.
Followed by me taking the shoe.
Then I blogged about the shoe.

The world has changed, Internet Friends. The world has changed.

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