Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our weekend.

We had a very low key weekend, and I think that is sometimes exactly what we need. Mr. C was busy sleeping a lot of the weekend since he has been working some crazy hours lately. I basically sewed with my mom and enjoyed my time with Micah. I am increasingly aware that August is approaching quickly, and I will no longer have my stay at home mom status. That makes me deeply sad, and I pray that the Lord will work something out each night. In the end, I have to realize that my plans may not be His plans. In the end, my calling might not be what I think it should be in my life. I just have to trust that the Lord knows best, and I am praying for contentment no matter what circumstances bring about in the next year. For now, I just soak up every second of this precious little bundle and thank my lucky stars I have been able to be with him so much.

Moving on!

Micah sat up for the first time in the bathtub unassisted on Saturday night. Granted, his sitting is more like a leaning on his arms for support. However, I can't believe it was only yesterday when I had to bathe him in the sink. Now look at him all grown up. Is his whole life going to fly by this fast?
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As always, Micah has to let you know who is in charge. No, don't worry. Micah is not even in charge. Nope, his two fingers are in charge of this household. Rest assured, if you pull them out of his mouth at an inopportune time, you will know about it.

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I wouldn't be a good teacher if I wasn't introducing my son to some books, now would I? This picture is funny to me because I sat Micah in my lap and began to read to him. We flipped through pages, and I was holding the book a bit out of his reach. He fussed. He cried. He wiggled. In the end what did he want? Just to eat the book. Who cares about reading it, Mom.

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Precious little one gets frustrated from time to time with his mama. He really hates it when I start to take a lot of pictures. Just kidding! (Although that day will come in the future, I'm sure.) I can't remember what he was fussing about in this picture, but he does this thing with his lips that is indescribable when he is about to blow. Lucky for me this weekend? I caught it on film.

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Micah also had a really big day at church on Sunday morning. He moved up into another classroom. He (honestly) was supposed to move up about two months ago, but we have kept quiet. We really enjoyed the class he was in, and it was a little harder to drop him off this morning with new people. His new class is just full of babies everywhere! His other class was a lot smaller. It's just one of those new milestones we have to meet. His daddy commented this morning, "He was in a bouncy seat and not a lap when we came to pick him up." To which I replied, "I know! He's old enough to be put in a bouncy seat now and doesn't need a lap." I'm telling you the time is flying by. More evidence? I found him like this in his crib this morning. I am not exactly sure how he reached this upside down position, but as crazy as it was he looked happy and comfortable.

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I had a VBS leaders' meeting yesterday afternoon at church. I haven't helped out in a church VBS since probably 1999. Isn't that sad? Truthfully, when I am off from teaching in the summer I have no desire to be around children. I'm attempting this since I haven't been around children in six plus months. I think it is a great way to plug ourselves into our new church, get to know people, share about the Lord, and serve the Lord all at the same time! Sounds like a good deal to me. :)

Oh, I also wanted to document that Micah started clapping his hands together this weekend. Every time I get the camera over to him to take a picture of the hand clapping he sticks that finger in his mouth! Silly boy! Eventually, I will get it on film. Lots of people have seen it, but no photo documentation just yet. In time, though.

Also, my sister (Keren), brother-in-law (Jason), nephew (Ebin), and their niece (Maci) & nephew (CJ) were in a major five car collision on the Mississippi River bridge coming home this weekend from Arkansas yesterday. I was at the VBS meeting, and I had a message on my phone from my mom. She sometimes leaves messages, but really we text or just call the other one back. For a split second I thought maybe I should listen to the message. But I went into church instead. Really stupid to do that. Next time I'll listen to the message.

I haven't seen the pictures yet, but apparently two cars went airborne that were in the emergency lane because a truck didn't seem them stopped. One of the airborne cars hit my sister's car. Of course, this was over water so there isn't anywhere really to go in these kinds of emergency situations. All of them were fine, very shaken, and very happy to be alive & healthy. Their car may be a total loss, but we are just so thankful for the Lord's protection.

I talked to little Ebin last night and he said, "Wheel on Mommy's car broke. Then a big bump bump! Big bump bump, _____(insert my name)! I cried, but I ok." Precious! The wreck was so bad it caused another four car pile up behind them! Anyway, to be sure...say your praises of thanks to the Lord today for your family. Nothing happened, but you never know when something won't happen. You're not guaranteed another tomorrow.

That was our weekend! No Kirk Cameron or anything, but hope you had a wonderful one as well!

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