Monday, June 6, 2011

The post all about Kirk Cameron.

Well, my friends, how was your weekend?

**Warning: Long post. Pic overload. You have been warned.**

(Waiting patiently to hear of your story. Twiddling thumbs. Thinking to myself, Are they done with their story yet? Stopping to realize this is my blog. OH! I don't have to listen to your story!! You are hear to listen to mine! And for once, I'm not talking Micah so you might actually be relieved.)

Just kidding, of course. That is why I blog stalk, but remember junior high where you'd come to homeroom. You'd sit there talking pre-facebook days dying to tell your story while your friend was telling you about her weekend. No text messages? No cell phones? Telephone land lines connected to the wall with a ten foot cord so you could curl up in a closet to get some privacy as you talked? Or, waiting all weekend to see your friends at school?

(I really miss those days sometimes.)

At any point, I can do a post about the entire weekend later on, but the main focus of our weekend? :::SQUEEEE!::: Was Kirk Cameron....oops, I mean, marriage. Yes, marriage. Our church hosted the Love Worth Fighting For marriage conference on Saturday night. The host/speaker? None other than Kirk Cameron!

We got there early so we could sit closely. We were on the eighth row. My cell phone has no flash, so it is a bad pic. Sorry!

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Now I will admit in 1985 when Growing Pains was on tv? I wasn't really that old. So I didn't really grow up watching the show until reruns or maybe in the early 90s. However, I have always been obsessed with celebs, and I also loved Full House (which featured DJ Tanner, aka Candace Cameron). Through living in the 1980s & 1990s, I developed a significant crush on Kirk Cameron via Candace Cameron. I'm sorry, he was so cute! And now he is a Christian speaker who travels around the USA spreading the message of family values and importance of marriage & the Godly home.

Mr. C graciously agreed to go & we bought our tickets two months ago. I even got a babysitter two months ago. That'd be my mom. Thanks, Mama! :)

Now the best part. Because I have such a wonderful husband who sat through an awesome marriage conference with me for three hours, I didn't expect much more awesomeness. The music was amazing, the conference was so amazing, and we had started out the doors to go home when...

Mr. C: Do you want to wait in line to meet him?

ME: Eyes big as saucers. You'll wait with me to meet him?? I brought my camera.

Mr. C : You did not bring your camera. Did you?

ME: Um, yes. I always have my camera. Do you think he'll take a picture with me??

Mr. C: Laughing hysterically. Mrs. C, are you going to make me take a picture of you with Kirk Cameron? Ok, I can do that. Do you want to wait?
The line to meet him.

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Wait we did. For an hour and a half. My husband is a trooper. As is my mom who was still with Micah & my brother. And finally, we got within eye distance of Kirk Cameron. So I began to think about all the things I needed to say to him!
Don't know that person, but I could peak around the corner and see him. So I took a picture.

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Then we got up really close, but I was embarrassed so I took quick pics.

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So, in the spirit of the late 80s & early 90s, I now present the picture Mr. C took in different forms to remind you of that era. Thank you, Picnik.

Here is a Polaroid in neon pink and orange of me with Kirk Cameron.
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Here is a neon sign inspired photo of me with Kirk Cameron. Think those videos on MTV of the eighties, dontcha think?
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And here we are. Me & Kirk Cameron without any editing.
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And what does one say to a celebrity who has been your ridiculous crush from childhood?

Well, this is probably enough for one blog post. So I'll write about it later on.

Gotta keep you coming back! :)


  1. Do you remember anything from the conference itself? ;-)

  2. Lol this post made me smile & laugh :) I didn't realize he did speaking engagements now ~ how fun!

    Stopping by from Jenna's!