Saturday, March 19, 2011

The zoo. Again.

We went to the zoo again this week, but this time we took my mom & nephew. Mr. C was supposed to go, but long story short--he forgot his id and couldn't get in even though he had his membership card. Frustrating! However, it was a super busy week with spring breakers from all over the land, so I guess they were fully enforcing those rules.

At any rate, I just love the zoo! Our zoo is rated one of the best in the country, and it is right here. I know we go a whole lot, but the visit today proved that you see something new each time. For example, the animals were really cooperating today. I think the got into their zoo meeting this morning (think Madagascar) and decided all to cooperate.

First, we saw the monkeys (gorillas, etc)....

Ebin looking at all the monkeys in his stroller.
Ah, the stroller. Ebin deeply wanted to push his stroller instead of riding today, which is understandable. I mean, nothing is at stroller height anyway at the zoo. It's hard to see being so little, so he eventually got out of the stroller.

We tried to get Ebin to appreciate the majesty of the panda bears...

And he did. A little.
I honestly think he was half star struck. Half fear struck.

He enjoyed looking at them for a while.

Micah, meanwhile, enjoyed his fingers.
This is his new thing. He went from fist, to thumb, to his pointer & middle finger. Who knows what he'll end up doing long term?
All I know is that the boy does not want to have anything
to do with a pacifier. He (excuse me for a minute here) ain't havin' it.
Just ain't havin' any part of the pacifier. Sigh.

Ebin enjoyed his snack of Cheerios & milk.
He sadly asked politely, "Popcorn? Please-gank you?" all day long.
Poor baby is allergic to corn, so we have to be careful about what he eats.

The elephants were ready to demonstrate their talent of modeling.
While the lady next to us was quite rude as we tried to get Ebin to look at the elephants. She basically shooshed us. In a zoo. Nice.

The grizzly bears were super excited to see us, too.

Ebin was super excited about the "water mountain" & "pushin' stroller in the street."
I lifted him up to see the grizzly bears which lead to, "No! Get down, get down!"
I honestly think the kid was scared to death of the big animals so strolled he did...

What about Micah? Yeah, he was still sucking those fingers refusing to sleep.
(This is not an uncommon event at Casa Confident. He's a night sleeper, not a day sleeper).

Finally after a day of "No pictures!" from Ebin, he said,
"Picture, Mrs. C!" Of course he used my real name, but it was cute.
Then I said, "Say cheese, Ebin!"
He replied, "Say cheese, Ebin!!" with this big grin. I just had to laugh at his repeating me exactly.
Cute pic, though.
Also, notice he is still behind the stroller.

He finally warmed up around the farm animals. Probably because they are a lot less scary, a lot smaller, and maybe more familiar from his books?

At any rate, he wanted to play in the eggs.
He said, "Picture, please-gank you!"
I took the picture saying, "Say cheese, Ebin!"
To which he again replied, "Cheese Ebin!"

At the end of the day the poor boys were exhausted.
I lined them up for a really bad cousin shot. This is about as good as you can do at this point in time. Also notice, I have no pics of my mom or me, really. Haha! We were there, though!

All in all, it was a fabulous day!

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