Monday, March 7, 2011

Just another manic Monday.

On Saturday it was super duper rainy day so we stayed in, and we laid around a whole lot. Micah was confused by how dark it was, and he slept a lot!

On Sunday we headed to church followed by a trip an hour or so south to see Mr. C's family. I made Mr. C pose with me & Micah for a family photo op while were dressed up. We enjoyed some great times with my in-laws, and they enjoyed seeing Micah.

Our little family.

Today, we did our basic Monday things. (Basic Monday since I've been off things, anyway). Mr. C is off on Mondays (he works Saturdays), so it becomes our day of errands and family time. I started out the day dressing Micah in his outfit from Ms. Julie. (Shout out to Ms. Julie, my friend from growing up at church & college days). He christened the outfit with spit up almost immediately, Ms. Julie. Aren't you proud? It is a little too big for now. However, I couldn't resist the hat!

I'm not sure that Micah likes the hat.
Just kidding! He's a bit tired from his overactive day yesterday. Long naps don't seem to happen in Grandparent Land. That, and he gets held for hours on end. When he gets home, and I put him down it's like his system is in shock. What? You won't hold me 24/7?? You terrible mother!!

You'll be ok, Micah, I promise.
Maybe not??

The rest of the day was spent:

Putting couch cushions to put back where they belong.

Picking up cups.

(Speaking of which, I could have used the time to take a picture of the cups to actually pick up the cups. This pic is actually photographic proof for my husband. He leaves cups everywhere, and I'm always telling him how bad it is. He doesn't believe me. Exhibit B.)

Unloading old dishes so new dishes could be reloaded.
How do two people (Micah is breastfed, so it isn't him!) go through this many dishes each day??

Shopping for groceries, and then putting groceries away.

And fixing dinner. Of course, Chef Micah did a great job with the enchiladas.

Just another Manic Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Have a great week!

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