Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rookie mom, party of one.

Today, my friend Tami called spur of the moment wanting to go out to the Goodwill, and I wanted to go out to lunch & Target. So I quickly jumped in the shower, loaded up little man, and headed out for our quick excursion. I dressed him all nice and spring-like for the current weather conditions. Nothing says spring more to me than bare feet. Plus, I don't put that many shoes on him yet, but I figured why did he really need the socks?

Well, I found out why he needed socks. See the picture below.
The bottom of his poor little feet got sunburned from riding around in my car. What?!?!
Poor little baby! I am such a bad, bad mama!! I didn't even notice it until I got to Target (my last destination) when I loaded him in his stroller. I saw this and thought, "Why are his feet so red?"
When we got back out to the car, I put his carseat in the "bucket" that holds it, pulled down his little curtain thing to keep the sun out of his eyes, and saw the sun hitting just his ankles and below. That is when it dawned on me. The poor little guy was getting sunburned from the back window of my car as we drove around because that curtain thing doesn't cover his long legs! Clearly, if you know me (and my paleness), he must be my child, right? I'm so sorry, Micah. I now declare myself Mother of the Year. Or maybe I'm just Rookie Mom, party of one.

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