Thursday, March 17, 2011

God is so good.

I just wanted to post a little update on random things that have been happening around here in Casa Confident world. I'm in a bullet point mood, and I don't really have new pics to speak of...sorry. But sometimes I just like to blog to remember for later on down the road.

1. Maternity leave has currently been extended until April 11th. That is quickly approaching, and we prayed extensively that the Lord would provide for me to stay off as long as possible while Micah is small. Well, ask & you shall receive! Literally, checks keep arriving at our door for random things--mortgage rebates. Who gets a rebate on your mortgage? Apparently we were overcharged. Then we got a check for our wellness appointments. Um? Yup, every "preventative" care we took (Micah's visits), we are getting the co-pays back.

2. It's the little things, but we ran the numbers last night. I can probably stay off until next school year! If you are counting, Micah will be around 9 months old next fall when I return to work. How awesome is that? I may still return to work in late May so that I can pack up my things, make a little money for the summer, & ease back in while the kids are bouncing off the walls. However, I don't HAVE TO. Thanks to the Lord, a like minded frugal husband, & some Dave Ramsey. (We are basically debt free except for the house and some student loans which in today's America--that is almost debt free).

3. The weather is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm just rejoicing in God's creation right now. I love taking Micah on walks especially to Shelby Farms & The Greenline (an awesome trail by the river & through the woods. Just lovely for city dwellers like me).

4. We are joining a church. It's a personal (glad to share in person, but not on a blog) story, but we felt called away from our church last May. We have absolutely nothing against our old church, and we deeply miss our friends from our old church. However, when the Lord asks you to do something no matter how listen. At any rate, during this major life change (aka Micah), it was hard to not have a home church. We've floated a lot, but I am now thankful for that. We went all over our city, and even visited nondenom churches as well as other denominations. Mr. C & I did not want to follow the crowd to churches, and we wanted to make sure the Lord was center in our decision. It was nice to reaffirm what I believe and WHY I believe it on my own by looking at other denominations. (This changing denominations is a whole other story in itself for another day. However, I am fully Baptist and now know WHY I am. I needed to make my parents' faith my own. Sad I'm doing it this late in life, but better now than never). Anyway, Sunday night Mr. C & I finally decided where the Lord had us. It's so nice to know that I can rest now. Micah has a place to call "home", and that has been so important to me.

5. While looking around at churches I discovered how many churches are compromising these days. I mean, it is super ridiculous! I knew some churches compromised, but it feels like most churches instead of just some.

6. Micah has now officially gone to the nursery by himself at our new church. This was really hard on Mr. C because we're admitting the months are just flying by. However, I think it will be good for us both spiritually as Micah is now at the cooing/loud age. He likes to hear his voice, and he uses it often! =)

7. Micah started really concentrating on playing with his toys this week! He has been batting at his toys, but he is trying so hard to get them in his mouth. He also played with his piano this week. (A gift from his KayKay). He was hitting the keys. It was probably an accident because his aim isn't that great, but I think he actually saw the relationship b/w the lights with hitting at it.

8. We (and yes, my husband agrees so I'm not being vain in saying this) keep seeing glimpses of my personality in Micah. I'm not really happy about that since I'm the uptight one of the relationship. Mr. C is laid back & chill so naturally we want a laid back child. However, Micah has demonstrated his ease of frustration when he tries to get toys in his mouth. The child wails if he can't find the hand/eye coordination to place it in his mouth RIGHT NOW. Also, he makes some wicked facial expressions that are priceless. Unfortunately, this is also a technique of his mother. I have never been able to hide my feelings about anything. I'm an open book. We've also noticed he gets flushed easily when hot or seemingly "angry" about something. Geez. That is me, too. Also, he is a great sleeper. I'm the butt of all family jokes because I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I hope there is not a mini-me on our hands!

9. This quick post has gotten entirely too long. Bless you if you are still reading it.

10. Just because I like even numbers, I won this giveaway over at Bek's blog! Thanks, Bek! I am so excited! Now to narrow down what I want to buy!! Decisions. Decisions.

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