Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh my. What am I getting myself into?

So Mr. C & I are probably about three months behind on the "New Year's Resolution" thing for 2011. I think it means more if it happens in the middle of March on a Wednesday, don't you? So on Wednesday, C & I headed to our local gym. By "local", I mean the newly built gym down the corner from my house. By "down the corner", I literally mean we live behind a Sonic, an AutoZone, and this gym is on the corner of the intersection by our house. I could walk there and make it in five minutes if I were walking at the pace of a turtle. It is super convenient.

C has been determined to join the gym for months now. I mean, he has talked about that gym since it opened. "I should join that gym," he'd say. "I want to get this weight off," he'd comment. "I'm getting old, I need to work out again." On and on.

We got some money for Christmas, and it has been sitting around waiting to be spent. Finally, C says, "Let's go look at that gym. Take a tour. I want to join." What were my thoughts, you may ask? I had no desire to join any gym, because I'm happy just to sit on my caboose and do nothing. Until (cue dramatic music) I had a baby.

Nothing will mess with your body/self image like a pregnancy. But, I'm not gonna lie. My baby weight came off in a snap. In fact, I actually lost more weight than I gained. So I am ten pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah, go ahead and hate me, but I've always been pretty petite.

Anyway, clothes just aren't fitting like before. It's like the luggage (aka weight & skin) is inside of the overhead bins (my sad excuse for a body), but since pregnancy the luggage in those bins have shifted to all kinds of weird places. I need some toning up, and I want to make sure to keep the weight off long term. I like that new number on the scale, but what I don't like is redistribution of all my pregnancy. My stomach could be a temperpedic mattress. I'm not kidding you. You'd fall asleep in there and never come out.

So, I went with him to tour it not intending to join it. I mean, I'm a new mom. I have no time to work out. Who will watch my kid? 1. I am not working. 2. My husband is home during the day time since he works nights. Then upon touring the gym, guess what I see? Every workout machine has its own tv with cable. You're going to think this is super sad what I'm about to type.

I was halfway sold because I could come work out & watch HGTV. I'm an HGTV addict, but alas, we don't have cable. I don't regret our decision to cut off cable (four years ago) because I make so much better use of my time now. However, is it sad to want to work out not only to get healthy but to also watch a tv network?

At any rate, it is only $15 a month for unlimited use at a gym that is open 24/7. Can't beat that. So, here's hoping that I'm entering into a new phase of physical fitted-ness. =)

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  1. Make sure to put some Lady GaGa and Usher on your Ipod!