Sunday, March 20, 2011

The post about my hair. Oh, and Sunday.

This is a post about hair and Sundays.

I wanted to write a sentence above like that because every time I grade my fourth graders' paragraphs, they start their topic sentence very similar to how I started this post. Just a little teacher humor. Not funny? Alright, moving on.

I've noticed something very alarming that has hit my postpartum life. My hair is falling out in huge, gigantic mounds. Fistfuls of hair fall out every morning in the shower. I used to complain to Mr. C about sweeping up dog hair constantly, but I now spend so much time sweeping up my hair. It is everywhere! I almost took a picture of the amount of hair that is falling out of my head on a daily basis. It is quite alarming, really. However, since a hairball is not something most people want to see, I refrained. In the picture below (taken on Sunday), you can see how long my hair is currently. Mr. C has started lovingly referring to me at Crystal Gale. (In case you are too young to know--or just my son who won't know of Crystal Gale when I print this as a blog book--there is a picture of her as well for reference found on Google Images).

You can imagine how much hair I'm losing if this is the amount of hair I currently have on my head. I don't mean this disrespectfully because I actually have a friend suffering from cancer at this moment, but I do feel somewhat like a chemo patient. That is the only way I can describe the amount of hair. So much falling out that I have some balding spots in certain areas!!

Hello, Crystal. Micah, meet Crystal Gayle. She'll be long gone by the time you read this blog and actually care about your childhood. Anyway...moving on.
I am freaking out about it, so I asked my Twitter followers last night if their hair fell out after pregnancy. (If you tweet, come follow me! I'm at confidentblog). A resounding yes was the reply to my question. See, I really need to cut my hair. Pretty badly, actually. I think I last cut it six months or so ago. I've kind of embraced my curly hair as the years have passed instead of trying to straighten it, and the prenatal vitamins just made it grow and grow and grow over the last year. Mr. C's never seen my hair this long, and quite frankly, I don't remember the last time I had it so long. But if I cut it off...will I go bald? Will you be able to tell how much hair I've lost when I make the cut? I'm scared. So for now, I guess it stays long because it hides those bald spots.
On Sunday, Mr. C & I got dressed up to go to church. Micah wore an outfit from his grandmother (my MIL) so we were documenting the outfit. It was also Micah's second Sunday to stay in the nursery. He did a great job, and we keep getting compliments on how happy he is until he's hungry. Obviously, the boy isn't lacking in the eating department. At any rate, I also went to the mommies group our church has on Sunday afternoon. That was so much fun to connect to other moms, meet church members, & I made my first nursery mistake.
I told the blessed nursery workers NOT to feed Micah since he had just been fed about 15 minutes prior to his arrival. I had a bottle of milk (pumped breast milk) on hand because we spent the afternoon at the botanical gardens having photos taken. Since one of the drawbacks of breastfeeding is finding an actual place to nurse without feeling overexposed, I took him a bottle just in case we needed it. It was still in his diaper bag when I dropped him off at church, but we were going to be at church for almost three hours between my mom's group & service. I meant for that bottle to get used (IF at all) around the end of his time in the nursery or just not at all. I could nurse him in the nursing room. An hour later they gave it to him.
So, I learned my lesson on bottles in the diaper bag. Breast milk, unlike formula, is not a quick process to I was disappointed. However, I can't really complain because people watched my child for free so that I could have some spiritual blessings from the Lord. In that case, let's just say I learned a thing or two. As my friend said on twitter, "I don't put anything in my diaper bag that I don't want on or in my kid." Great advice, Kristin!

At any rate, Micah is doing so well in the nursery, and I'm so excited for that. It's nice to relax and enjoy Sundays again! I love listening to our pastor and singing praises during the service. It's a blessing just to be able to do that and have a little "alone" time with my hubby even for an hour.

What about you? Any new mom lessons you learned the hard way? Just wait for my latest post coming up on more things I have learned as a new mom this week! Have a great day!!

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