Saturday, March 10, 2012

Campout in the living room.

So last night our power went off unexpectedly at around 9 pm. Micah had already been in bed for two hours, but our power also went out the night before he got really sick. That night, I was unaware of the power outage for a while since I was asleep. However, when I woke up the next morning the last time the power was out, the thermostat in the house read sixty degrees!! I'm still wondering if that cold night air caused this illness with Micah. I'm sure it didn't help despite his warm fuzzy, footed pjs that night.

At any rate, I made the executive decision (since Daddy was at work) to wake Micah up and move him into the living room for the night. I turned on our gas fireplace, pulled his pack-n-play up by the fire for heat, and laid him down in it for the night after giving him a final dose of medicine.

You'll have to excuse the horrible quality of the photos. I used the flash feature on my iPhone. It was too dark in the house to even attempt finding my "real" camera. And yes. Our mantle does need some help in the decor department.
Micah with Mr. Bear. He'd keep popping up looking over at me (as I read by firelight), and I'd say, "Lay back down, Sweetie. Go to sleep." Then he'd lay down with Mr. Bear.
I ended up sleeping on the couch all night long. The power came back on a few hours later, but I kept Micah in his pack-n-play all night despite the return of power. I didn't want to wake him up. At four this morning, he was screaming so confused about where he was. At that point, I did take him back to his room where he finished out the night until 8 AM this morning.
It was actually a fun, impromptu living room camping adventure! =)

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