Wednesday, March 14, 2012

House of Rose Vlog Linkup #3.

Hi! I'm joining up with Mandy over at House of Rose today for the vlog link up! I missed out on the first week of vlogging, but I have made it up to you. The first vlog I posted is my "real" post of the week, and my second vlog has a little surprise in it. My nephew made an appearance while I tried to vlog at my mom's house. It's more of an "outtake" kind of video because he wouldn't cooperate that much. I obviously still think it is super cute, so I posted it as my third vlog. Now I'm caught up even if I did them both in one day. Haha!

Stop and Smell the Roses

Here's my vlog posting about my thankfulness this week. Thanks to Mandy for picking such a great topic. It really makes me stop and take in all my blessings.

Here's the first version with my cute nephew.

I referenced some make up that I am loving in this video (that I forgot to talk about in the above video). It's Physician's Formula makeup I got at Target. Loving it this week! Especially when my husband comments he can tell a difference in how my face looks. That is the best compliment of all. Be glad I actually did my hair this week unlike last week.

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  1.'s working now! Maybe it was my browser earlier. Glad you are enjoying your spring break! The weather here is gorgeous too and I wish it would stay like this forever! Your nephew is cute! Thanks for linking up!