Saturday, March 17, 2012

A quick break from reality.

I will post full pics at some point this weekend, but for the past few days the Confident family has taken a complete break from reality. We packed up our old Ford, shoved it full of baby toys, and drove off to a Tennessee state park about an hour and a half away from our house.

Did you know that teachers can rent cabins for half price? I just found this out this year. I wish I had known sooner! It's the perfect weekend getaway and compromise for a husband who loves the woods and camping and a wife who admires the woods but needs the comforts of a hotel. We have had limited Internet access and no tv in our one bedroom cabin that overlooks a lake.

We've driven some roads of Tennessee I have never seen before. We have walked trails to waterfalls. Micah ran away from me on a hike. I've read lots of books. It will be hard going back to work on Monday.

At any rate, if you need a nice, budget friendly alternative to a vacation close to Memphis feel free to contact me. This place was awesome and so family friendly!

The lake view from our cabin. I sure enjoyed reading The Help out here every evening after Micah went to bed. =)

I also spent a lot of time in front of this awesome gas fireplace reading some books.

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