Sunday, March 4, 2012

Made to Crave & illness.

I'm not going to lie. The end of this week has been extremely difficult and about kicked this mommy's tail.

Starting on Wednesday night, early Thursday morning our power went off. I don't really remember the time, but I was up most of the night paranoid my iPhone wouldn't have enough juice in it for the alarm to wake me up. It was a restless, cold night before all the tornadoes and 80 degree weather got here. Which somehow in all that, the tornadoes & rain never even happened here. It is amazing how that kind of thing happens. I literally saw two drops of rain. At any rate, that night our house thermostat read 60 degrees when I awoke. Right about now, I'm blaming that cold night and combination of weather for our rough weekend for Micah.

I went to work Thursday to maneuver a field trip to a local museum with my 17 kids and 13 chaperones. I deserve a medal of honor. Ok, maybe not, but it was a crazy day. To add to that, the news crew showed up to cover the opening of a new IMAX film staring Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers Sean Casey. He was at the museum with his fancy "tornado proof" vehicle for the grand opening. Our kids saw news cameras, and that made it even crazier. To make it worse, I was going on two hours sleep hopeful for some nice rest Thursday evening.

Fast forward to a baby who is now hacking & wheezing, running temperature, sneezing, runny nose, congested, etc. for most of Thursday/Friday morning. I called into work for a sub on Friday morning so that I could take the baby to the doctor while Mr. C slept. At the doc's office we came home with a prescription, and I'm still blaming that night of extreme cold for all this because before then there was some congestion but not full blown sickness.

Friday went ok, and he was relatively happy & normal just a little lethargic. His fever broke sometime late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

I didn't really sleep Friday night either because he was up all night coughing.

He slept almost literally the whole day on Saturday obviously exhausted and very sick.

He was up most of the night Saturday night, and he started running a 102* temp early Sunday morning leaving us with a sick baby all day today. I had big plans to write about my impressions of Made to Crave, a book I've been reading in conjunction with some other bloggers for Lent season. My Twitter & blog friend Kodi has set the whole thing up, but I'm sure it isn't too late to join if you want to. Feel free to contact her on her blog. Needless to say, this last half of the week has me exhausted with four nights of almost no sleep. I'll try to post on it later this week.

At any rate, motherhood has kicked my booty this weekend. He's still running fever, and I am hopeful that it will break tonight? At any rate, I used all of my sick days last year for maternity leave, so I will probably be back at work tomorrow while Daddy watches him since he's off tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend! I'm sad that I missed church, MOPS, and had a sick baby. Oh, well. My plans aren't always meant to work out.

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