Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break 2012. Beginnings.

This past week was my spring break, and Mr. C took his vacation days, too, which was wonderful! We started out the week at home, laying around lazily on Monday, going to the Memphis Zoo on Tuesday, and going to the park on Wednesday. Here are some pictures I took all week.

Bundled up for the zoo on Tuesday (3/13/12) in my crazy hat. It started off cold so I kept the hat on a while because of the ear infections. However, the day heated up quickly.

At the zoo with our MOPS friends the R family (four boys!), the B family (three kids), the J family (two kids plus two neighbor kids), & my friend Sarah from work (three kids) and her aunt. We were quite the crew! =)
Micah & his friend Finn (two weeks apart in the nursery together at church)

Micah cheesing for me outside of the polar bears section.

Running around shoeless at the zoo.

Then I got really brave (and coaxed into by my work friend Sarah) to ride a camel with Micah!
Here is the far away picture.
Here's the awful iPhone picture I took of the film version that I bought.
Mommy & Micah exiting the zoo.
The lines to get into the zoo after we left!
One tuckered out little boy in the backseat of Mommy's car after the day at the zoo.

That night, we decided we wanted some ice cream. Instead of driving to the local yogurt shop down the street, we took a family walk! It took us two miles roundtrip, but it was so worth it! Thanks, President O'bama, for the stimulus money to build a new walking path outside my neighborhood. =)

Micah & Mommy at the yogurt shop.
Daddy & Micah at the yogurt shop.
On Wednesday (3/14/12), Micah & I woke up early to head out to KayKay's house to visit his cousin Ebin. We took the boys to the park down the street from my parents' house.

Cousins in the double stroller walking to the park.
Getting ready to swing the boys.
(Ebin said, "Hey, KayKay, put the camera down & swing me!" We laughed a lot at that.)
Happy, swinging boys!
Ebin swinging.
Micah was either yawning or extremely excited. I'm not sure which.
Ebin had to "climb up to the very top way up high" and I took his picture.
My nephew hamming it up for the camera (only on his terms).
The weather that day was amazing! In fact, the weather this whole week was amazing!
Up next, spring break pictures from our trip to Natchez Trace.

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