Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keren's other birthday party.

We celebrated Keren's birthday again with just our side of the family at my mom's house the day after her turning the big 3-0. Keren & my dad usually do something for Lent, and this year Keren did no sugar. In substitution for the sugar, she had a cake made of fruit only. Haha!

Mom/KayKay serving the "cake" of fruit.

Blowing out the candles!

Uncle Jase & Aunt KerKer
Our family

After all the eating and celebrating with our literal fruit cake, we took the boys outside.

They jumped off the side of slides...

Ran around the yard...
Ebin pulled Micah in the wagon (which my sister & I used as kiddos!)
Micah tried his hand at pulling Ebin in the wagon...
Then they both decided they'd rather be pulled in the wagon together with their trucks. We sure do have some boys, don't we??
Little boys play so hard their hair starts to curl like their Mommy's hair.

Balls are always a favorite activity.
Then, of course, there was car driving and monster truck racing.
We had a great weekend celebrating my sister's birthday!

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