Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sick? Who me? Little trickster.

I mentioned in my other post about Micah's illnesses that I decided to be brave and take him to my sister's house for the evening. I have a monthly bunko group of girls turned supper club that I have played with for probably four years now. The second Thursday of every month I go meet up with these girls and enjoy a girls' night out. Before Mr. C changed jobs, it was easy to go. Now that he has to be asleep before the baby does, I have had to do some juggling around to figure out who could watch Micah. My sister lives nearby, and she also happens to live nearby a lot of the girls in the supper club. So last month I asked her if Micah could come to her house & play with his cousin Ebin. Even though Micah had been sick on & off all week, I got the ok from Daddy to take him.

The boys together. He looks sick in this picture to me--something about his eyes.
Then, he'd do things like this at my sister's house while I was at supper club. I mean, does this look like a kid who is sick?
Then he would quiet down again, causing my sister to wonder. So she took his temperature, and then ended up texting me, "He's got fever again." We had made it to the 24 hour fever free part meaning that it was starting all over again. Man!
Then he would get up and run around some more and do things like destroy her bathroom.
But a few seconds later, he was chilled out again.
I'm so glad I decided in the morning to take him to the doctor!
However, he really confused his mommy & daddy this week. He also confused his Aunt KerKer when she discovered him doing more climbing.
Little trickster.

We love you, Micah!

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