Sunday, March 25, 2012

Since Natchez Trace...the circus!

Wow! I haven't been a very good blogger since spring break, and I do apologize. Life has just been zipping away, and I've been busy enjoying & living it. The weekend of March 23-25 my mother-in-law (or "Grandmommy" as Micah knows her) came up to spend the day watching Micah while I was at work. At the end of the day, she wanted to take Micah to Mississippi to visit with her & his Papaw. He has yet to be away from me an entire night, so this was quite the shock to my system. I reluctantly agreed only because it is a two hour trip, and I know Micah needs some time with his grandparents. The first night (Friday night), I had a hard time, and I called them crying at 9 PM wanting to come pick him up. Yes, I know how strange I am!
At any rate, Mr. C and I made Saturday a "date day" so that we could keep busy and actually have some much needed alone time since we never see each other. I spent my Saturday sipping a Coke at Dunkin Donuts on the patio and reading Water for Elephants followed by having my eyebrows waxed. I woke Mr. C up to go see The Hunger Games, and we ended the day by having dinner with some old friends at Swanky's Tacos an East Memphis favorite restaurant of mine. On Sunday, we went to church and met up with our in-laws at the circus where I was reunited with Micah after two long nights. I'm not sure he is leaving me again any time soon!

Micah was either mesmorized by the circus or extremely wiggly wanting to run around with the circus performers. I don't think there was any in between moment. He especially loved anything that had to do with the animals. He just loves animals, and four words out of his vast vocabulary of 15 words have to do with dogs! (He says CopCop, puppup, puppy, and boc which means box because that's where they sleep every night. He hears me tell them to get in their box which comes out boc like a chicken sound. Oh, well.)
We did enjoy much needed conversation, making plans for our future (who knows if those will turn out that way!), talking about what the Lord is doing in our lives, and two date nights! I still missed Micah immensely. I didn't know what to do with a quiet house and all that time alone so I just kept busy out and about town.
We had a wonderful time at the circus! Thanks for taking us Grandmommy & Papaw!

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