Friday, March 9, 2012

Micah's many illnesses.

Welcome to my world this week. As you may notice, there are a lot of medicine bottles in this picture. After trip #3 to the doctor in 7 days, 3 antibiotics, 1 shot, a bottle of acetaminophen, a bottle of ibuprofen, saline nose spray, ear drops, and one tired Mommy later...
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We have a diagnosis of double ear infection with a blister on the right eardrum after the sinus infection turned respiratory infection that I suspect was actually the flu.

This week being a "working mom" was hard for me. It was the first time I felt like I was making choices between family & work. I have a great boss who has been extremely understanding, receptive & sympathetic. However, Micah has just thrown me through a loop this week! When he first got sick last Thursday night/early Friday morning, I called in because he was running such a high fever. I took him to the doc who said he had a sinus infection. My husband even commented, "I didn't think he was that sick. How'd you know?"

I told him, "Mommies know."

We settled into our "long" weekend, and I figured he'd be cleared up by Monday. I'd go back to work, and we'd move on. Well, by Sunday night after two days of a 102* fever, I knew it was clear he was still very sick. At this point, I made the decision to take another sick day to take him back to the doctor and care for him again. This time the doctor tested him for flu and changed his antibiotic to a stronger one. My husband & I agreed on Monday that he'd watch Micah on Tuesday so I could go back to work. This was the last week of the grading period, and I really couldn't afford to miss much work.
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On Tuesday, I went back to work thinking Micah was fine. And for the moment he was fine. His fever broke on Monday night, and Tuesday evening had him all smiles with good reports from Daddy. On Wednesday, I came home to good reports from Daddy. Then as soon as I stepped in the door, his fever shot up to 102 again.

I stayed up all night checking on him, but I went back to work on Thursday determined to make it through the rest of the week until spring break. I wanted the illness to "run its course" like the doctors tell you. Thursday, Daddy reported no problems again, and I actually decided to go ahead with my GNO plans. I dropped Micah off at my sister's house so I could go to supper club. It was pouring down rain, the wind was blowing, and it was negative twenty degrees. Ok, not really, but it was super cold. I debated getting him out at all, but all signs seemed to say try it. So I did. Here's Micah with his cousin Ebin at my sister's house last night.

Then I got a text from Aunt Keren saying, "He's running a fever again."

I was the worst guest ever because I literally had just finished my wonderful dinner, and out the door I went back to Keren's house to pick up Micah. (So sorry Amy!) My sister lives a few neighborhoods down the street from supper club, so I was there quickly. Sure enough, I took him home as his fever spiked during the night back to 101* again. My goodness! By this point I was determined to head off to doctor visit #3 early Friday morning.

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So this morning, I got dressed for work, got Micah ready by 6:30, and headed to the early clinic out near my mom's house & my job. We walked in by 7:30, and I walked out by 8:15 with the diagnosis, prescriptions, and a baby who would NOT let me go. He was so sad, so pathetic, and crying anytime I tried to put him down or give him to the doctor or my MIL (who came up to watch him for the day).

The doctor was amazed when I told him that Micah had been running around the night before, he didn't scream all night long, he never pulled on his ear, and he slept through the night. The doctor said, "I don't know how that is possible because he even has a blister on his eardrum along with a double ear infection. It is very rare for a baby to develop that while on an antibiotic. I'm glad you brought him in again. That blister could have lead to a burst eardrum."

It broke my heart. I couldn't leave him for the entire day again with all this mess going on. I went to work for the morning, and by the afternoon I took a sub half day to go nurse my baby back to health. It's been hard to be the working mom this week because I constantly felt like I was trying to make judgement calls.

Is he really sick?

How sick is he?

Should I take the day off? Should I go to work?

What do I do?

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Unfortunately, "the crud" has hit my school. There are lots of flu cases, ear infections, stomach viruses, pneumonia, etc. It is crazy! I had at least seven (no lie) kids in & out absent this week from various illnesses. I have antibacterialized my classroom multiple times a day, made the kids wash their hands repeatedly, and forced Germ-x on the kids every five seconds. Haha! By noon today, three second grade classes only had thirteen students in their rooms. I had only twelve kids there today. That is how bad it has gotten, so you can see why I've kept such a close eye on Micah.

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He's started this thing where he likes to copy anything you do. One thing C does is pile some pillows in the floor in front of the tv, grabs a blanket, and watches tv on the rug. Micah decided today to make a pallet of sorts by himself in the corner by the fireplace. He's obsessed with the corner of the fireplace, so I added more pillows to make sure he didn't bump his head. It's been really cute with all his copying this week. He follows me around sweeping and using washcloths to "wipe" things up like he's seen me wipe things off the floor. (Mostly his messes! Haha!)

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Today, he even brought a Kleenex over and wiped my nose over and over. He's so funny this kid! He kept wiping my nose. Bless his heart! I sure have wiped his nose a lot this week.

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I finally got him to eat some dinner tonight after a small lunch. He loves his Daddy's pasta creations!

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I guess we are officially banished from anything this weekend again. No church nursery for this little guy until we get ourselves germ free & fever free. At least it is spring break. I just hope he will feel better so we can actually enjoy our family time!

Have a great weekend!

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